Berlin is a pretty awesome place in summer.  Most of the clubs have awesome outdoor areas so you can go clubbing at night and then relax in the sun during the day.  The only problem is the best ones have a prohibitively strict door policy which can make getting in quite difficult, especially in larger groups.

The most successful weekend we had was when there was just four of us, and we all managed to get into Berghain by dressing correctly, splitting into couples and going just before midnight on Saturday when it opens.  I had arrived from London the night before and was meeting my friends at Offside, the most famous whiskey bar in Berlin.  Unfortunately my flight was delayed and by the time I got there they were closing, so we just went to another bar nearby for a few drinks and then got a relatively early night.

The next day we chilled most of the day and headed off to Berghain around 11pm. After waiting in the line quite a short time we got in and got our stamps. Then we headed off to Sisyphos, another club we were going to spend the night at before returning to Berghain in the morning.


Sisyphos is awesome!  They have an amazing outdoor area with treehouses and a beach-like chilling area with sand and a small pond with a wooden walkway.  They also have a separate upstairs area with a swimming pool and whiskey bar.  Indoors there are two dancefloors with huge, crystal clear soundsystems and some of the best techno I’ve ever heard.  We danced for most of the night and then chilled outdoors once the sun started to rise.  I had a short nap for about two hours in the pool/whiskey bar section before we headed off to Berghain at about 11am.

Berghain very much lives up to it’s reputation – hard relentless techno, a huge cavernous interior, a fair amount of nudity, people having sex in the dark rooms and a pretty much anything-goes attitude. They obviously have a very strict ban on photography so I didn’t dare try snap any pics, but it’s too dark inside anyway.  They also a very nice outdoor area, although not quite as lush as sisyphos – no swimming pool or treehouses here, more just a concrete backyard with some sun-loungers, platforms to sit on and a few trees for shade.  I found the music at Berghain too hard – it’s really only for extreme, dedicated techno fans and I found it quite difficult to dance to for extended periods.  However, there’s many other areas to the club to enjoy and we explored all of them – making use of the dark rooms, the chilled upstairs dancefloor called Panorama bar and ofcourse the outdoor area.




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